Friday, January 02, 2004

Who to blame?: Brooke is merely espousing what should be a very common and widely-felt outrage over those who feel it's perfectly okay to wear lounge-wear to work. Now, I'm a big fan of casual Fridays. This may seem contradictory, but not so. "Casual Fridays" mean khakis and a button-down, or even good jeans and a sweater. It does not mean flip-flops and your newest Puma sweat suit. Nor does it mean back-less sneakers and shorts.

I pay homage to sartorial splendor whenever I can, but I also recognize that it's not always practical to have the latest Prada styles in your closet. Fine. Here are some simple rules: open toe or open heel - not both unless at the beach (the constant *thwack-thwack* accompanying your every stride will compel me to stomp you); socks match your pants - no debate please; no sneakers with your jeans (a la Jerry Seinfeld); wearing a sweater means wearing a collar underneath (if I see one more person with a crew-neck and gold chain combination, I shall combust); and finally, Dockers were never cool and if you don't wear a belt, then you deserve whatever beatings you may get.

That is all.

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