Monday, January 05, 2004

Seinfeld Style: I take exception to a couple of points:

No sneakers with jeans? What the hell are you going to wear them with then? Oh, yeah: your gym shorts. Go crazy, noodle legs. For those of us with better things to do than staring at a wall as we walk/run/ride on a machine of torture, jeans and sneaks are perfectly acceptable.

On the open toe/open heel debate, I assume you were speaking only to women. A man should have one (1) pair of open-heel footwear. They're called bedroom slippers.

Socks match pants? Okay, hotshot. What do you wear with plaid? With jeans and loafers?

Finally, I've never owned Dockers. Is there some distinction between them and actual, honest-to-god khakis? If not, I'll grant you some small griping rights. (For example, the khaki-and-blue-blazer look should be reserved only for Young Republican groups at college campi.)

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