Friday, January 23, 2004

Just an average guy, from a poor family, small town...:...who has all of this country's plaintiffs' lawyers in my back pocket. But really, I'm for the little guy...assuming I get 33 1/3 % of whatever he gets. I'm against big business...but I need those big businesses to stay in business so I can give them the business in court.

I know every candidate has his projected image and his actual one, but he sometimes over plays his hand. Yes, a plaintiff's lawyer who goes after asbestos companies, or those doctors who take out the wrong organ can spin himself as a crusader for the little guy, but eventually he gets awfully rich from all that crusading (and that's fine, this is the U.S. of A.), but after a while, all that money is going to change you. Then you're no longer a poor slob from the backwaters, but a smooth, fast-talking law-yer who gets his dough by inflaming juries. Here's the kicker: exhorbitant jury awards are not costless. They drive up insurance costs, push doctors out of practice, and make manufacturers charge more for their goods. Guess who this hurts the most? Yup, the little guy. I'll save my rant on tort reform (I'm for and against) for a later time.

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