Monday, January 12, 2004

Bio Tech Speak: Sometime ago, we here at FauxPolitik (back when there were three of us - did Flyer get on the Tour or something?) did a brief riff on the seemingly incomprehensible jargon that is used in websites and generally in corporate mission statements, etc.

Well, here's a sample from a company that a member of my family is associated with:
Our proprietary computational technology rapidly and accurately identifies the biologically relevant active binding site(s) of a protein and simultaneously designs de novo novel, small molecule antagonist or agonists of the protein’s activity utilizing our proprietary fragment data set. Unlike traditional high throughput screening technologies, the Locus process is a de novo fragment-based approach that enables the identification of novel small molecule drug candidates faster and on a larger scale than has previously been possible. Since the Locus technology generates novel molecules, an equally important outcome is the realization of valuable intellectual property.
Anyone? Anyone?

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