Friday, January 16, 2004

Bush and Rove: Rob Long has a funny skit in National Review about Dubya and Karl Rove trying to figure out why Howard Dean is so angry. Best bit:
FADE IN: Interior -- Camp David -- Day

President George W. Bush sits on a sofa, watching football and eating tortilla chips. Karl Rove enters, carrying a small bowl of avocado dip.

ROVE: Mr. President, do you have a moment?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Did you bring me some more dip?

ROVE: Got it right here.

BUSH: Then I guess I've got a minute. What's up?

ROVE: Well, sir, as you know, it's looking highly likely that Governor Howard Dean of Vermont --

BUSH: The little guy, the one with the . . . (HE SQUINCHES HIS FACE UP)

ROVE: No, sir. That's Dennis Kucinich. Howard Dean is the former governor of Vermont.

BUSH: Not the Ichabod Crane guy?

ROVE: That's Kerry.

BUSH: Pumpkin head kind of thing?

ROVE: Gephardt.

BUSH: Drawing a blank here.

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