Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The Moon: Er, the average person would have to do some fair bit of travelling to see the moon every day, since the moon is not visible roughly three days out of a lunar month. This brings the average down from "every day" right quickly.

That said, I think your analysis is on. Nothing will ever match the new-frontier optimism that accompanied the moon shot, and trying to recapture it is silly.

As for the job market, I've said this before: get used to it. Three percent unemployment is not, and will not anytime soon be, the norm. A couple of years of statistical abberation does not repeal basic market trends, which have consistently shown employment maxing out at the 94-95% level. You (and most of America) missed your chance to be a inside-trading biomed billionare or a dot-com pirate in Birks, or to be given a high-paying, do-little job by one. Suck it up.

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