Tuesday, January 27, 2004

More candidate blogs: I have to feel sorry for the poor campaign staffer assigned with writing this drivel on John Kerry's site. Actually, it probably takes hours for the top advisors to craft messages like
Iowans proved that polls mean nothing. New Hampshire will no doubt prove the same (sure you want to say that when you're leading in the polls - ed.). This is crunch time, and it’s all about picking a candidate who can not only be a great president, but can beat George W. Bush in November. John Kerry IS that candidate!
John Edwards has a better and much more active network of blogs on his site and his people seem more reasonable, at least in a very cursory inspection. One bolgger was ecstatic that Bill O'Reilly had said he respects John Edwards, after questioning Edwards last night on The Factor. Not exactly red meat for the party loyalists.

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