Monday, January 19, 2004

Like a broken clock...: ...Bill Maher is funny twice a show. The most recent Bill Maher show on HBO featured among other distinguished guests, Al Sharpton (unfortunately the transcript isn't up yet, but click here to peruse the show's official site). Maher tore into Sharpton the way Dean and every other legitimate candidate wishes he could. I'm going to paraphrase here a bit, but the hight points:

1. He asks Sharpton why he's running for president considering no one will actually vote for him.

2. He says Sharpton taking pot-shots at Dean for not appointing a minority to his cabinet in Vermont is really low considering there are no minorities in Vermont save one [Maher reaches underneath the table] and here she is: [brings out a bottle of Aunt Jemimah syrup]. Really!

3. Last, he notes how Sharpton really does stand out among the candidates as he's not afraid to stay in five-star hotels on the campaign trail.

I can assure you it's much funnier watching it for Sharpton's reactions than reading about it here. I assure you.

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