Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Strange Days: Isn't it strange how the people of Iowa can tell the rest of the country who should be president? I mean, Kerry is raking in the dough right now all for one state.

I watched a bit of the SOTU, but really, Bush is unwatchable when he speaks - actually, he's just unwatchable period. It's not the swallowing of the words, or his inability to look like he comprehends what he says, it's that the smirk has now grown into full-blown snarky smiles and near-laughs as he revels in what he's saying. Listen, he has a right to be proud of somethings, but the tone and delivery of the speech was the most petty I can remember. Next time maybe tell us something actually about the country rather than just patting yourself on the back. Yes all Presidents do it to extol their virtues, but this was taken to a whole new level.

Andrew Card insisted Tom Brady was invited before last Sunday's win and before Kerry got the steroid shot to his campaign. As a child of a friend of mine says: "Yeah, wight."

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