Thursday, January 22, 2004

The ol' soft-shoe: If you had any questions over why Clark was picked by the Clintons to be their straw man this election, look no further. He dodges, dissembles and deceives like no one since...well...Slick Willie himself. His positions on abortion (in keeping with my theme):

1) "I always have been and always will be pro-choice." He declared: "No one has the right to come between a woman, her doctor, her family and God."

2) He doesn't have "litmus tests" for the appointment of judges, buutt...

3) He won't appoint a pro-life judge.

4) Abortions should be legal until the time of birth.

5) However, he doesn't want to get into a debate over the "timing of abortion".

6) "I stand by Roe v. Wade

7) "I'm not going to get into a debate over viability . . . I support Roe v. Wade, as modified by Casey."

Of course the article ends that Bush, when similarly cornered, did no better, and it hasn't exactly hurt him.

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