Tuesday, January 27, 2004

He must have a whopper: Julius Erving (Dr. J) says he's "not stressed" about the video tape being released (perhaps by his soon-to-be ex-wife) depicting him having sex with a young woman about 15 years ago. Not that having sex with a consenting adult is something to be ashamed about, but it seems that the good Doctor can't avoid the controversy which seems determined to tarnish his once-pristine image. When the news came out a few years ago that he was the father of erstwhile tennis player Alexandra Stevenson, it was a true shock to many (you know how chaste professional basketball players are), and especially in Philly where he held (holds?) one of the highest positions in the ex-athlete pantheon.

Anyway, it's clear he's not above the fray as we used to want to believe. His wife must pretty much hate his guts.

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