Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Finishing Up: I'm getting ready to head home in advance of the coming snow. Might be a home-bound day tomorrow, which would likely mean limited posting. Never fear: I'll post my analysis (guaranteed to be wrong or no money back) before the event.

Kerry: Wins by a handful, but with heavy Dean footsteps, and is thus defeated by expectations. No campaign changes; he lumbers on souding like a man with a sock up his nose.

Dean: Second place, but a victory, considering he was political plague a week ago. Optimistically claims the big mo'. Too soon to tell. Am I going out on a limb to predict that he'll be more sanguine tonight than he was after Iowa?

Edwards: Third place, but not by much, so it's really a loss. But SC is home territory for him. None of the other candidates has a home territory primary on February 3. Thus, the Fair-Haired-Boy Express dodges a bullet, but only on a technicality.

Clark: Near-tie with Edwards is a mixed bag. He can claim some credibility from it, but he's shed too much support in the past week to do much more than whistle past the graveyard tonight. Americans are awakening to the likelihood that Clark's a repressed, goofball caricature of a martinet. They'll reward him accordingly.

Lieberman: I've been up front in wishing him the best, but Flyer picked the one explanation (of the two I offered) that I incline toward. He'll miss double digits, settling for fifth. He'll check his poll numbers, see that there's nothing particularly friendly on the schedule until March (NY, Connecticut -- i.e., his home turf), and drop out. Bonus pick: His endorsement will go to Kerry. Double bonus pick: Lieberman will retire from the Senate in 2006.

Update: In Viking Pundit terms, that's: KDECL.

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