Friday, January 23, 2004

Stupid but Fun Quiz Results: Bush (100%), Lieberman (71%), Edwards (57%). For entertainment purposes only, no doubt. Notice when the ask you to rate the importance of various issues, one is "The Economy/Environment." Are the two really that related? My policy on the two is not uniform. Likewise the issue of "Crime/Education." Actually, the monopolistic grasp of the govenment on education is a crime, but I've the feeling that's not what they're getting at. For another thing, I favor repealing all business taxes. That puts me on the GOP side, I'm sure, according to the survey. But I also favor the repeal of all corporate welfare. That puts me on the outs with both parties. And, the quiz asks, do you favor the Patriot Act? Damn, where's the checkbox for "Some of it, not all of it"?

I'm sorry I always spoil these things for you with my self-righteous anger. Guess I'm the Howard Dean of the Internet Quiz.

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