Friday, January 23, 2004

Some Notes from the Referral Logs: Just as a friendly public service:

1. If you would like to know the regulation height of a dartboard, don't search on "heigth."

2. Searching on "navel defense spokesperson" is likely to retrieve information about bellybutton protection.

3. The video of Joe Theismann breaking his leg is not available here, nor is it likely ever to be.

3. I don't know whether Mark Philippousis is circumcised.

4. You can't blog for pay. You can be Andrew Sullivan, okay. But he's selling a brand, not a blog. Fifty guys (and gals) out there with blogs as smart or smarter than Andy's (if he denies this, he's on deck for the poseur alert). None of them are getting paid.

It beats me how these queries find us. Sometimes it seems our monthly visitors figure would be about four without the oddball searches.

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