Friday, January 16, 2004

Football: We haven't discussed it much this year, mainly because my team was mathematically eliminated back around, oh . . . draft weekend? But Razor's Iggles are sporting some punch. New England, as this writer suggests, is tough to bet against. The Colts have had enough offense to overcome whatever they lack on the other side of the ball. And rounding out the field is Flyer's (remember him?) hometown crew, the once-pathetic Panthers.

My sentimental favorite for the Super Bowl is Indianapolis. Manning is incredibly talented, and it's nice to see him getting his due after the critics overhyped the hype and judged him a disappointment after he failed to win it all his first year. (Also, I was a fan of his pop, the talented Archie, who served dutifully and without complaint in New Orleans in the 70s -- a more pathetic franchise/decade combination would be hard to find.)

As the article linked above notes, at least the championships this year will be honest football, played outside, on grass. Shame the Bowl won't.

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