Thursday, January 08, 2004

TNR Endorses: No surprise that they come out for Lieberman:
Only Lieberman--the supposed candidate of appeasement--is challenging his party, enduring boos at event after event, to articulate a different, better vision of what it means to be a Democrat. Three years ago, that vision seemed ascendant. Today, it is once again at the margins. It may take years, or even decades, for Democrats to relearn the lessons we thought, naïvely, they had learned for good under Clinton. But one day, Joe Lieberman's warnings in this campaign will look prophetic. And the principles he has espoused will once again guide the Democratic Party. It will be the work of this magazine, to whatever small degree possible, to hasten that day.
Nice. They also have separate pieces in which various writers endorse other candidates. Read them all.

More: Ramesh Ponnuru notes that "nobody argues for Kerry." Damn. It's the kiss of death for a donkey to be written off by TNR, ain't it?

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