Thursday, January 08, 2004

Radley Dylan: A while back, Radley explained the rationale behind his Dylan blogroll names. Since that time, however, he's reconfigured at least twice by my count. If his original rationale holds true, then we've moved up in the world to a site he "frequently" ahhh, frequents. In the original post, he doesn't even have "New Morning" - which to be frank, was a category I thought he created for those sites he wanted to acknowledge, but didn't have a handle on ... yet.

I view it thusly: "Blood on the Tracks" is the big-hitter, which was well-received by the critics and probably the most popular for the Dylan novice - in short, the "must have" of any Dylan collection. "Blonde" was perhaps (as Eno points out) his best work, but a touch less-listened to on the whole. I'd humbly accept this pigeon-holing.

Now, we have to get Mr. Green over at Vodka to similarly put us in our place. I'm partial to "Gin and Tonic" but not sure if that fits his theme.

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