Friday, January 09, 2004

The "Guest Worker" Thing: I'm not yet ready to pass judgement on Bush's plan. The idealistic libertarian in me says, "Yes"; the realist in me says, "Let's think this through." Lileks:
I am not in favor of illegal immigration. I'm in favor of copious amounts of legal immigration, combined with Tupperware-tight borders and a newly remade INS whose official seal says "What the Hell Do You Think You're Doing Here, Anyway? Oh Yeah? Prove it." (Sounds nobler in Latin, I'm sure.)
That'll do nicely. But nobody has said anything yet about border security. There's been a lot of loose talk about how a guest worker program will take away the incentive for illegal immigration, but I doubt that pretty seriously. Look, the dems are still bitching about the jobless recovery; do we have jobs for 750,000 Mexicans every year? Yes, no -- I'm open to persuasion on this. But what I'm really open to is a comprehensive immigration policy, which Bush's plan, at this time, clearly is not.

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