Friday, January 02, 2004

Contagious? Brooke is showing symptoms of something remarkably like Razor's flip-flop madness. She's on about track suits as . . . er, other-than-athletic wear:
Wear your track suit at home. Wear it to the gym. Wear it driving carpool. Wear it when you're moving furniture. Wear it to, dare I say, the track? But please, don't wear your track suit to a restaurant where I'm eating unless you plan on jogging home. There's really nothing I can do about it, I realize. But I will continue with my moral obligation to say that people who wear track suits like they're regular clothes are a disgrace.
Here's Razor, back in June:
Fine. Just remember that when you set those fungi-ridden feet out-of-doors, you had better be heading toward some sand, or they're fair game for me stomping all over them. Agghghgh! I hate those things.
Remarkable, isn't it?

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