Friday, May 02, 2003

Monkey Wrench: With the first big-group Democratic debate coming up, wouldn't it have been a lovely piece of mischief if Bush had invited Joe Lieberman (the only contender for the nomination who has been four-square behind dumping Saddam from day one) to bask in the glory with him on the Lincoln? That would surely send John Kerry into an I-served-in-Vietnam-and-shouldn't-be-held-to-the-same-standard apoplexy. Seriously, though, there are some folks on the other side of the aisle (Lieberman, Zell Miller, and to a lesser extent Dick Gephardt, not to mention the now-former-Senator Bob Kerrey, who knew no partisanship on this issue) who did the right thing and gave their full support to the Commander. Bush needs to share some glory with the loyal opposition.

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