Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Africa: It's a rough life down there, not least of all because Africa is the family of nations' answer to intergenerational welfare dependency. Here's Radley:
Trade, not aid. Phase out agricultural subsidies and tariffs in the U.S. and Europe (you might add textiles to that, too). And, most certainly, allow foreign investment to get in on the ground floor in the Eritreas, Ethiopias and Malawis. Yes. That means sweatshops. That means feel-good Westerners are going to have to swallow the idea that multinationals might reap huge profit margins from cheap African labor.
How hard is that? You know how the left says that globalization means going to find cheap labor, exploiting it, and then leaving when exploitation is no longer possible? Take a wild goddamn guess why they're no longer exploitable. Because too much of that country is middle class, educated, and bidding for our outsourced software jobs.

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