Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Even The Matrix is based on old material: Okay, it's not a complete re-make like "The In-laws," but take one part Bible, one part "Neuromancer" and one part "Blade Runner" and you have most of The Matrix. Anyway, I'm also equally thrilled that the new incarnation with M. Douglas and Albert (don't call me "Mel") Brooks sucks. It couldn't happen to two nicer guys. Douglas I could go on for days about, but with Brooks, has there ever been a guy in more movies that you couldn't identify if you ran into him on the street? He always headlines these movies that are pure Catskill stand-up material (whether it's his mother, death or in-laws). He only gets put into movies because he's friends with all the actors and producers. No one, and I mean no one, in Nebraska could pick this guy out of a line-up (again, they'd keep saying "Oh, you mean the guy from Spaceballs?"). He can't possibly put anyone into a seat in a movie theatre. Oy gevalt!

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