Thursday, May 22, 2003

What Bush Is Up Against, Part II: Ken Connor, a social conservative's social conservative, hints at a 2004 mutiny, which drives home my point from yesterday. Nobody on the left would exactly accuse Bush of cozying to homosexuals. But what small steps he has taken (or in this particular case, that Mark Racicot has taken) have brought the church-and-family Republicans (broadly defined as those who haven't been caught screwing around ... yet) to a small crisis already. Of course Connor claims not to be disturbed that the RNC is reaching out to gays, just that Racicot didn't do it publically. This is ridiculous. If Racicot had met publically with HRC, Connor would still be upset. The GOP is a party with a serious shelf-life problem, unless they can unload the small, noisy, and disproportiantely influential social-conservative crowd.

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