Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Primary: TNR's quick-hit site on the Dem primary is a hoot. They post minor stories that seem to capture the candidates quirks quite well. Get this story about the debate:
On Saturday night George Stephanopoulos asked all the Democratic candidates at once whether any of them would "rule out raising taxes as president of any kind." There followed an awkward pause. No one wanted to be dishonest--but certainly no one wanted to be Walter Mondale, either. Suddenly Howard Dean, always the most impetuous of the bunch, threw up a hand. Down at the end of the table, John Kerry looked at Dean and followed with something that looked like a hand-raise of his own. Only it wasn't quite that. Kerry lifted his forearm halfway up, then left it suspended in an tentative gesture of ambiguous meaning. It was as if he were Dr. Strangelove, wrestling his own arm as his political and intellectual impulses clashed internally.
Also good: Easterbrook destroys Lieberman's energy proposal.

Plus: Atrios hates it.

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