Thursday, May 08, 2003

Hypocrisy? An intellectual exercise for those on the right still confused about the Bennett deal: Imagine someone who is a really committed environmentalist. She gets on your case all the time about recycling, about not littering. She nags at various companies about polluting the land and water with various harmful chemicals. She loudly protests GMOs and harps on people who don't have efficient windows in their house or keep their thermostat too high. A real pain, a killjoy. One day you see her pulling up to the TV studio to do her latest on-air rant, and she's driving the biggest gas-sucking hog of an SUV you've ever seen in your life. You call her on it. She says, "Hey, it's still legal to own one of these. Besides, I never really made a big deal about automotive pollution." You'd give her a pass, right? Yeah, sure you would.

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