Wednesday, May 07, 2003

When will Bush's daughters turn 35?: Your proposition of Condi becoming Veep and/or the Prez certainly is logical and well-reasoned...which of course makes it fatally flawed. Look at our last say, 6 presidents, and tell me which one was the logical the time the campaign season began. None of them, save Reagan, were the real front-runners in the beginning. None was without serious (apparent) drawbacks, whether it be issues of "character", intelligence, gravitas or ability to speak. No, what it comes down to is an odd mix of party machine and vox populi. For example, W was the clear party choice - "they" figured he could be controlled, was a known entity, and had many debts that had to be repaid. Conversely, Clinton was a clear people's choice (although a diluted one with Perot in the mix initially), that the party probably wouldn't have figured for their first pick (although, at the time, his charisma had won many over even at the party level). Reagan was hand-picked by the oil and business establishment, many of who were his friends, and most figured that he too, could be handled and depended upon to reward his friends. Carter ... well, he was running against Ford, which perhaps made him the default candidate. Bush, Sr. was a continuation of Reagan, which was partly to blame for his defeat by Clinton four years later. Nixon was at first the rebel in his party, but his near misses with JFK meant he couldn't be denied. Again, back to my point ("Oh, you have one?"): while Condi appeals to demographics, from what I've seen she has as much charisma as Mondale, no make that Dukakis. She's probably too smart, and may even be a bit scary to the Party because heaven forbid she get "too black." No, I think your Jeb push is more appropriate (given that Neil may be a bit busy by then with his divorce appeal).

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