Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Plus his cologne stunk: It seems his mastery on the court never quite translated into the board room. Yes, Michael Jordan will not be running the Washington Wizards again. This man left his comfy job as "President" of a moribund, but hopeful franchise in order to put in a couple years of service so that he could teach the young kids how to play, while also taking some pressure off of them whille they developed into their own identity. Good idea, horrible execution. Instead of taking the pressure off, he took over. He played ridiculous minutes, demanded the ball at crunch time, and then whined when the 20-year old millionaires didn't work as hard as he did. One could argue that he left the team in worse shape than when he came in. Rather than developing a squad, he developed acrimony; so much so that many of his teammates wouldn't contribute to his retirement gift. This is Michael effing Jordan!! In the end, his Airness didn't teach his team anything other than how not to wrap up a glorious career. But there's always the new Charlotte franchise to burn down.

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