Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Ticketing in NYC: I don't see how a cop in New York can write a $50-75 ticket, figuring that's the average for a non-moving technical infraction, without there being at least a couple hundred dollars worth of bureaucracy involved. Printing, filing, mailing receipts for payment, etc. And that just scratches the surface. Imagine if the accused doesn't waive his court rights.

From my terribly cursory analysis of Bloomberg (mostly informed by the NY Post), he seems like a chickenshit Napoleon. He wants to have the law-and-order rep that Rudy had, but he's afraid to tackle anything larger than jaywalking and cigarettes. Giuliani, love or hate him, was never afraid to take on a big issue -- and often, on these issues, was like the bull who carried his own china shop with him. But Bloomberg, far from horrifying and and angering New Yorkers (which, don't kid yourself, they love), is just going to annoy and kvetch them to death.

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