Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Oh that controversial golf: Vijay Singh is retracting. I'm more amazed that it took this long than the fact that he's doing it at all. The only thing that he said that was at all controversial was that he hoped that Anika missed the cut. He's now saying that he meant to say that if he missed the cut, then he wanted her to as well, because it would be embarassing to be beat by a girl. Right, that's some apology. The stupid thing is that he's right on the big point: there's men's golf, and there's women's ... er ladies' There's a reason for it, which has nothing to do with oppression or discrimination. It has to do with biology and the fact that the men carry bigger sticks (heheh) and hit the ball farther than their female counterparts. This is kinda important and clearly women, on the whole, would never finish in the top ten if they had to compete with Tiger et al. Now, Anika doesn't constitute a new wave in novelty female golfing, so Singh's comment that she is taking away a job from a man is a bit much, but it's clear, that if the tables were turned, no man would be allowed to set foot in the ladies' tour. Anyway, if she can make a showing into the top 20, that would be an incredible feat...the pressure alone has to be enormous.

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