Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Who Is It? Who is that scary cult? Why it's the campus conservatives! The NYT looks at right-wing college kids (which, yes, should be oxymoronic), and who's the go-to guy for the Big, Defining Quote in the first section? David Brock? (Or David F*cking Brock, as campus conservative groups no doubt refer to him -- if they know who the hell he is.)
They have a theory of getting them while they're young ... The right try to instigate polarization so that it looks like the right wing is the alternative to the left. This is what happened to me.
Poor David! He was just sucked in by the Moonies, er, Satanists ... um, who was it again? Goths? Oh, yeah -- those awful Young Republican folks with their terrifying rituals, like going to church and doing their homework. (If David Brock has a single shred of credibility left -- to anyone other than the NYT -- no doubt Leonard Nimoy is digging it up for the next "In Search Of ..." special.)

And on and on. These kids have "fallen under the spell" of Reagan. And get this:

Many of those Reagan-era conservatives announced their politics on campus with their dress and grooming, the men sporting aggressively conservative Clark Kent haircuts, blue blazers, red ties, loafers; the women tended to wear skirts and heels -- openly adopting the uniform of the Youth for Reagan army. Today, most campus conservatives who hope to be effective won't dress like George Bush or Dick Cheney. The idea is to dress like a young person ... These days, the interest groups [whom the NYT pegs as the "they" in that "They have a theory" quote from Brock, above] encourage a hipper look.
I don't think orders are coming from party central on hip dress. And if they are, let's hope Buckley isn't behind this advice: Trade in your rep tie for something more in-your-face. Paisley, perhaps.

Oh, well. Read the article. It's mainly about Bucknell.

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