Thursday, May 22, 2003

More Annika: One over par in the first round. A gentlemanly golfer writes:
Well, well, Annika didn't embarrass herself or women's golf. One over ain't too shabby, but if she doesn't improve tomorrow, she'll be trunk slamming like a real journeyman(woman?) This is a bit of a sideshow, no doubt, but it's not like they invited some ex-jock amateur who might break par at his country club on a good day. No, that was done a few years ago when Mark Rypien got an exemption into a tourney in Virginia. Fact is, the sponsors run the show and for the money they put up, they ought to have that right.
I think this is correct. If you're giving away exemptions to your sponsors, you deal with what they come up with. Rypien, according to the USA Today, missed the cut by 36 strokes. Annika couldn't hold up traffic that badly with one arm in a sling. Still, better to do away with exemptions altogether. Golfer continues:
She didn't take a spot from someone who legitimately should expect one and it brings a lot of attention to a great tournament getting lost in the Tigerless stretch between the Masters and the U.S. Open ... Yeah, I wish she would have gotten in by qualifying like a man, but I can live with it.
I suppose I can live with it, too. Like I said, Vijay took it too far, but I understand how he feels.

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