Friday, May 23, 2003

What I Meant: USA Today's Christine Brennan on Annika's first round:
If she wanted to, Sorenstam could withdraw from the Colonial on Friday morning, pack up and fly home, because she already has done what she came here to do. She wondered if she could compete at the top level of the game of golf. She now has her answer. She most definitely can.
This is what I was referring to yesterday, the silly boosterism, the victory-no-matter-what feminism of the whole thing. My biggest beef is that this is turning into a consolation prize for the feminist flame-out at Augusta. What exactly is Annika proving? That the best female player in the world can compete with some male professionals in a second-tier event? Golly. Who'd a thunk? I would guess that a few of the top women's tennis players could compete with some of the top 150 men. But what does it mean? Nothing, in fact, other than that the spectrum of ability among male and female professionals has a certain amount of overlap. Again, not news, not a "victory for women," not deserving of the hype and distraction. Sorry.

That said, I hope she makes the cut. I'll agree that it's fun to see her out with the boys, and I'm glad she's playing well. But honestly, let's stop pretending that this "means" something, that it's proving a bunch of neanderthals (like me) "wrong" in some way. It's childish, really.

More: Just read your take. We seem to be in agreement, and I too have said my piece. I'm ready to "move on" as they say -- particularly since I already know that you don't even consider golf a "sport." After this weekend, I'm thinking you may be right.

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