Friday, May 09, 2003

Why can't Bush be more like Lord Chamberlain?: This....writer...from the Telegraph, entertains us with her self-loathing over loathing America. In her mind, it's simply untenable that America does or has done the following: 1) Engaged in friendly fire; 2) executes [in selected states - she fails to mention] prisoners; 3) detains Al Qaeda members in Gitmo; and 4) invented Coca Cola. She blathers on about how every time she turns on the t.v. she sees American products, faces or currency. Our smug images upset her tea apparently. Your post on British-controlled Iraq is serendipitous because this writer conveniently overlooks the centuries of oppression her country inflicted on millions of people back when her country was relevant. It is not worth arguing over whether every thing this country does is noble and perfect. However, what is worth arguing over is that we are the model for success world-wide, show leadership internationally in every area worth mentioning, and do more to ensure peace than any single or collective group of nations anywhere. This cliche gets tired, but, she deserves it: If it wasn't for us, she'd be speaking German."

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