Tuesday, May 27, 2003

What is Law?: This recent uptick in ticket-writing in NYC has the citizenry up in arms, and the newspapers abuzz. It's not that the laws are unjust, but rather that they've never been enforced before. Because of the budget crunch, word from Mr. Bloomberg is to start writing for every conceivable infraction. You just know that special training seminars were held to teach the officers all the ways to catch the otherwise law-abiding citizenry when they weren't busy stopping rapes and other crimes: "Officer Jones, you see a late model Ford sedan with current stickers, all lights in functioning order, but a black plastic border surrounding the license plate. What do you do, hotshot? What do you do?" Based on this empiric evidence, one is left to conclude that public ordinances are only in place to collect money ("Duh!" you all say to me), and not to protect our safety or ensure civic order. Is this anyway to balance the budget? I wonder whether the cost associated with enforcing and collection will outstrip actual revenues...not to mention defending lawsuits by the ACLU. This is petty, and not what most New Yawkers expected when they gave this guy the keys. I mean, from Guiliani at the Trade Towers to this.

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