Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Bucknellians at the Gate: Read your link and post on the new breed of college conservatives. As the piece focuses on my alma mater, I'm particularly intrigued. First of all, the Conservative Club has 35 members which represents about .1% of the school's populace. It also sounds like The Counterweight, the conservative rag at the school, is read more for its shock effect than for its serious content. Although the school has no doubt changed in the ten years since I was there, I strongly doubt it has suddenly become a bastion of right-wing thought, or for that matter, any thought. The school is quite homogenous not only in its skin color and affluent student body, but in its distinct lack of interest in things other than hanging out. I don't know that it makes it any different than the rest of the liberal arts schools, but my point is that this piece may be a bit overblown. I'm going to see what my network of spies has to tell me and I'll report back if I learn anything of interest. Note: this is not to lambaste the place. I loved that school and felt it was worth every penny of my father's money, I'm just saying political activism on college campuses ain't what it was during Vietnam.

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