Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Lieberman and Schools: The WSJ article mentions that Lieberman, domestically, can pick as his lightning rod issue, school vouchers (especially in failing schools). Clearly, he is at odds with the traditional Democratic base as to how to reform, if at all, public schools. The question is whether it goes to the power base the article chose for him: blacks and southern moderate whites. An article today in the Philadelphia Inquirer revealed telling statistics about the school transfer program we have here, where students can transfer out of failing schools. The article reveals that less than 1% of students have transferred out of non-performing schools. Given that Philadelphia schools are largely black, it would seem that, at least here, this issue wouldn't draw in voters, but only serve to set him apart in debates. Given that there are already many voucher programs (and that I like to govern public schools from the state level down (ideally at the county level for day-to-day issues), I don't think it would help him that much from my perspective.

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