Friday, May 02, 2003

At least he didn't overuse "evildoer": I absolutely agree with you. Comparing the speech to the setting is like extolling the virtues of the Ferrari 360 Modena's ashtray over the engine. I hardly heard anything he said. Instead, I focused on the faces (almost all gleefully smiling and cheering), and the fact that he was standing on one of the most powerful war machines the world has ever seen, that takes 5,000 sailors and pilots anywhere around the world, and can sustain battle operations indefinitely, given adequate supplies. And we have like six of them! We did in about four weeks what the U.N. couldn't do in 12 years. Less lives were lost in the whole combat operation than Iraq probably lost in a year from Saddam directly. The only unfortunate part is that this speech should have been given by Bush, Sr. about 11 years ago. Anyway, although he can't express it adequately, Bush and the backdrop provided an excellent symbol of what this country can and (now) will do if necessary.

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