Tuesday, May 06, 2003

The Debates: Of course, I didn't watch them either. I don't have a life, but I still didn't watch them. From what I heard and read, it was Kerry falling back on Vietnam - saying something to the effect that Howard Dean didn't need to teach him about courage, because he has plenty...especially when killing all those innocent civilians...oh wait, he didn't say that part. Anyway, some are beginning to actually appreciate Gephardt. One spin is that even though many will disagree with his healthcare plan, he's the first candidate to evidence any real policy initiatives, and he can keep talking about "my plan" when all anyone else can do is try to shoot it down, without offering a real alternative. Lieberman clearly has the goods on morality and hawkishness. The spin on him is that the Jewish community may not actually want a Jewish president at a time when peace is trying (for the 149th time) to be hammered out. Like Palestine needs another reason to doubt our support for Israel. In any event, Lieberman won't lose because of something he does, it will be because of something he doesn't (or because he's too short). Dean impressed me in his appearance before Russert a while back when the war in Iraq was still a "what if." He sounded principled without being too high-and-mighty. Of course now he has to backtrack, but his comments won't really hurt him because he didn't espouse them in attack mode. Graham's only blip in the debate was pledging to beat Jeb in Florida. Ooookay. How 'bout the rest of dem 49 states? Edwards did little to separate himself, as far as I can tell, which is troubling because he was basically at home. Anyway, too hard to handicap for me just yet. Oh, and Sharpton's hair never moved.

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