Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I know Bill Clinton....you're no Bill Clinton: You alluded to this yesterday; the conservative wags circling the wagons around Bennett. Mr. Last, of the Weekly Standard attempts to shelter Bennett in the considerable shadow of Clinton's sins. The argument goes that if we wouldn't impeach Clinton for adultery and perjury, because his overall work as a president was above (legal) reproach, then we shouldn't cast stone after stone at Bennett, because hey, what he did was legal, and was his own money. Isn't this putting the rabbit in the hat? When did Clinton ever scold someone for cheating on his/her wife? When did Clinton ever mock someone for not telling the truth? Okay, let's go more to the point: When did Clinton ever write 4 books about not lying and cheating on one's wife, and then go on talk show after talk show to ram home the point? Bennett doesn't mention gambling in his books, which is certainly a convenient omission, and beside the point. If you claim to be an expert on virtue, and are willing to castigate in public those who fall below your artificial standard, then you better not be boinking your nanny in the closet, or throwing away millions of dollars on slots, where -- again -- it's statistically impossible to win on anything close to a regular basis. Yes, he also played video poker - I guess regular poker was too interactive. In any event, the guy holds no public office, he can't be impeached - all we can and should do is stop buying his books and stop listening to him spout sanctimonious. I'd love to say more, but I have to get down to the track. I have a tip on a can't miss.

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