Friday, June 04, 2004

All Growed Up: Jon Last thinks the new Harry Potter movie is the best one yet. I liked this witticism about the choice of Alfonso Cuarón as director:
The good news is that at no point during Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban do Harry and Ron head out to the Hogwarts swimming pool.
That's a good line, if you've seen Y Tu Mama Tambien. But here's the part I don't understand:
By slowly trading up in directorial talent, Warner Bros. is ensuring that each movie is better than the last, thus hedging against any letdown. By book seven, we could have Michael Mann directing.
Like anyone wants to see incredibly drawn out shots of brooding Harry Potter characters staring meaningfully at nothing in order to show they have an interior life. Give it to David Lynch. By that time, Harry will be old enough.

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Razor said...

I've read the first book, and seen the first two movies. I like the movies better - but perhaps if I had read the books first, I would have thought differently. Rowlings is amazingly creative, but her writing is plodding (of course 85 million copies [that's probably low] can't be wrong).

I'd like Lynch to do it, but then we'd have to have an NC-17 rating, plus Dennis Hopper and an assortment of circus freaks. And if Harry was sufficently grown up by then, Kyle Maclachlan could play him with ease.