Friday, June 04, 2004

By the Way: I'm not really bothering to examine the Tenet departure. Traditional Washington "long walk, short pier" deal, of course. But having Tenet leave without a perceptible nudge from Bush or at least some acceptance of responsibility from Tenet (for the "slam dunk" thing, at least) means that this is not a political boost for Bush.

If anything, it's a loss. Tenet hung around too long, and when he finally left, Bush wasn't seen pushing him out the door. Sure, Bush is a loyal guy. But a boss has to fire people. If you can't handle that, the top job isn't for you.

Obviously, the big name being touted to run the CIA is Giuliani. He's probably do a fine job, but I wouldn't want him working for me. He's a hero, yes; he's also a prickly, maneuvering Machiavellian. (Just ask George Pataki what it was like dealing with Rudy -- and Pataki is a liberal Republican like Giuliani, by god. And, as we are told all the time, Dubya is the super, ultra, extra-strength, jackbooted fascist kind of conservative.)

He's just not great cabinet material, I think.

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