Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Air Guitar: Loved Eno's post on music sundries, and yes, Clapton is way over-sold, but he's the corporate poster child of "the Blues" and as such, gets the airplay. His latest take on Robert Johnson, is by nearly all accounts, a paint-by-numbers event. It's hard to blame Clapton really, though. While Sir Eric has had his share of tragedy, it hasn't been of the kind that Robert went through in his short life. And good for Eric really. Clappy has always been a technical guitarist; not a passionate one. That's why he's better as a solo act, doing his own music. As a solo, he can stick to what he knows; doing originals, he isn't weak by comparison.

I think one of the most distinctive solos ever was Angus' in "You Shook Me All Night Long". The song is certainly over-exposed, but those few seconds leading up to the first note, get one's hands automatically into the air guitar position. It's perhaps the most anticipated solo ever. I will not argue about this.

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