Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Not a turn-on when you cry: So the public's "right to know" has triumphed once more. You see, Jack Ryan is running for a senate seat for Florida (when he's not busy tracking down errant Russian submarines - har, har), and like many people, he has a prior marriage. And unlike most people, his ex-wife is this super-hot actress who was on Star Trek and Boston Public.

Annnnnd, when he and his wife were bitter at eachother, they said some not-very-nice things about one another in formerly under-seal court papers. Rampant speculation abounded about what the allegations were, and certaion people in Florida felt absolutely compelled to find out what those allegations were, because of their sense of decency and to protect the people of Florida from electing a senator that just might have the wiff of impropriety about him.

So, they do the American thing and sue for the papers. And they win. And they find out that *gasp* Mr. Ryan wanted his wife to go to some sex clubs with him and maybe make out in front of some other sex club people (something he denies). Oh, the horror.

He didn't beat her, cheat on her, or otherwise commit a crime. He didn't abuse his child or feel up an intern. He just, allegedly, wanted to spice things up in his marriage, and his wife apparently wasn't so keen on it. Like no man has ever been shot down by his wife when trying something "new" ("Honey, you are NOT putting THAT, THERE!").

More to the point, his now ex-wife considers him a "friend" and a "good man, a loving father" and expects that he'll be an "excellent senator".

Yeah, let's keep that guy out of office.

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