Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Two More Things About Reagan: First, all the liberal sites are talking about how this helps/hurts Bush (or Kerry). TNR is doing a lot of it. The Times went for the political angle pretty quickly. Jesus, wait for the body to reach room temp, guys. The same kind of speculation zoomed out when Paul Wellstone died in 2002. The left held a rally on top of Wellstone's dead body, and the right loudly wondered if this helped or hurt their chances to pick up the senate seat. It was hideous then, and it's hideous now. Grow the hell up.

Second, yes, Bush has a huge tribute to Reagan up on his campaign web page. There's nothing wrong with that. Reagan was Bush's hero. You can say, "But it's not up there because Reagan was his hero; it's there because Rove knows it will get votes." But this only shows the dread fear liberals have of the power of the Reagan legacy . . . over liberals! The "amiable dunce" pulled so many voters from the other side that a name was given to them, Reagan Democrats.

Besides, if using dead iconographic presidents for political gain were a disqualifying sin, every Democrat would have to give back every vote gained by shamelessly humping JFK's ghost for the past 40 years.

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