Monday, June 07, 2004

The Good, the Bad, and the Argentinians: What an odd mens' finals. First set = blow-out; Second set = semi-competitive, but Coria seems destined for a three-setter; Third Set = Gaudio finding his stride, letting Coria make mistakes; Fourth Set = cramp city for Coria, and Gaudio gets a breather; Fifth Set = cramps lessen and we go 8-6, with Gaudio fending off two match points.

The fourth set was clearly the weirdest, with Coria limping around and Gaudio not wanting to show him up too badly, actually managed to lose points against a guy whose first serve was reduced to 60mph, and who couldn't run ... at all. But I'll take that over set 2 where there was simply shocked disillusionment over how badly Gaudio was playing.

What's clear is that once Gaudio began to loosen up (the crowd sustaining a 5 minute "wave" started it all) and have fun (several Connors-like moments playing to the stands), he began to win. Coria was just miserable from the middle of Set 3 on, and he never seemed to even acknowledge that the crowd would have probably gotten behind him had he seemed a bit human (he was eerily like Sampras in that regard).

Strange, strange tennis. But then again it was Roland Garros.

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