Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Connection: Steve Hayes's book on Iraq-Al Qaeda ties has been released, and he has this week's cover story in the Standard. Plus, here's terror prosecutor Andrew McCarthy's run down of the evidence in National Review.

Now, I'm a skeptical fellow. Beyond that, I'm more than willing to justify the Iraq invasion on something like, oh, a Rumsfeld mid-life crisis. Let's just assume he chose Baghdad over a cherry-red Corvette and a trophy wife. Whatever. Saddam was a blight on the earth, even relative to his rotten neghborhood. Medals all around for those who captured his sorry ass and popped his foul sons.

Now that that's over, it's worth looking a little deeper intop Saddam's support of terror and terrorists. Some of the evidence is pretty convincing. maybe not jury-convincing, but significant enough to follow up. And if the Iraqi Ba'athists were in bed with the death-to-America crowd, what does that say of Syria's Ba'athists, already up to their necks with the death-to-Israel crowd.

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