Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The GMail Jig: People are clamoring for the GMail invite and already several sites have popped up; each one offering a unique spin on how to get one.

Radley has even fallen prey and is among the acolytes.

Full disclosure: I got one too. As if and when I get any invites I'll be sure to make them available. Eno shall of course have first dibs.

Of course, people only want them because a) Google is hip, and b) they're hard to come by. Other than that, it's just a cool email system. No hidden riches; no entry into a cool club (hell, you don't even get a number associated with your account to show how l337 you are [if you don't know what l337 is, I can't help you]).

Anyway, those who are interested, leave a comment, and I'll pass them along, first-come, first serve.

NOTE: The one thing that is of some value is getting your preferred name before it gets taken. So, I suppose to avoid getting your name squatted, I could see how people would want the early entry.

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