Friday, June 25, 2004

Hewitt/Ivanisevic: This match is about to start. Scores run here. As usual, the BBC page runs a slightly less up to date posting of the score, but with brief commentary on the points of each game. It's the best way to follow the action without a TV.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm gearing up for this one. If Hewitt can make full use of his youth and speed, he should crack the old Croat going away. But Goran, who is retiring after this, has nothing to lose -- his arm could fall off at the end of the fortnight and he'd be pleased with a win. Meanwhile, Hewitt continues to struggle to live up to the promise he showed here in ought-two. Have at it.

More: The Grosjean/Gambill match is proving to be the closer one this morning, contrary to my prediction. Too bad the BBC would never do game-by-game coverage for a frog, even if he is a top-ten frog, unless the frog is playing one of Britain's serial losers of the Rusedski flavor.

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Claire said...

I too am a bit disappointed that Lleyton has lost his way somewhat after showing so much promise 2 years ago. But he's in form now and with Australia out of the Davis Cup for this year (his pride and joy), a lot of people seem to think he might actually shift the focus back on to his own personal game.