Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Welcome Back: Hope your vacation was nice, Razor. As I recall, you are versed in a number of what I might consider "extreme" sports. (Hell, I consider setting down my whiskey glass to toss the frisbee an extreme sport.) Anyhoo, you on vaction always leaves me with images of scuba diving, para-sailing, and other defiances of gravity and nature's order typically performed in tropical climes.

As you can see, my performance in your absence was spotty, to say the least. I've been negotiating something . . . er, large. Bids are in now, and it's out of my hands, but it was distracting for a little while.


Razor said...

I have done those things and more, but on this vacation, I mostly sat around and/or chased children (an extreme sport if ever there was one). I also lewdly peered over the rims of my sunglasses at the various and sundry bikini-clad ladies that went strolling by. Danger in that sport is wife spotting you doing it.

Glad to see you're finally becoming part of the landed gentry. Hope all goes well. Try to avoid a bidding war.

enobarbus said...

Thanks for your wishes, but I'm an apartment-dweller for as far as I can see. (Why would I want to mow a lawn, trim a hedge, fix a gutter, etc.?) I'll let you know what the negotiating is all about, provided it doesn't all . . . collapse like a wet taco!