Thursday, June 24, 2004

Role Reversal: If you were just told that "Martina" was doing commentary on "Martina" at Wimby, you might, if you were not an avid reader of FauxPolitik, assume that Navratilova was doing her studio shtick on the comeback of Hingis. Of course, you'd be wrong.

Instead, we have the 47-year-old Navratilova winning singles matches, while the 23-year-old Hingis walks around, doing clinics, commentary, and quips.
"It took a couple, three months to realize it's kind of over," Hingis told on Tuesday. "It was difficult to accept. It's still in the back of my mind: maybe at 24, 25 there's always a chance to get back.

"I have one career over, but I am lucky. Doors open up for me and I can check in and do whatever makes me happy."
A player whose retirement was never announced, one who you might have figured might be playing some obscure tourneys in anticipation of a comeback, is instead wearing Prada and sort of just...roaming around.

Kind of sad, but it would appear that the lifespan of a female player is really only about 5 years anyway (the other Martina notwithstanding). Once you're 23, 24, it's just about time to hang up the tennies, and start your fashion line.

It certainly appears Venus, for one, is well on her way toward the Vogue hall of fame.

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